A few details about eligibility.

We only provide fundraising kits for couples adopting from an HCCH member.  For a complete list of HCCH participating members, you can visit their website.

We know just how much paperwork is involved in adoption. So our fundraising kits are done almost completely for you. Here’s how that works:

  • You will provide us with the contact information for 35 potential “bookies.”  A bookie agrees to take 10 tickets to sell on your behalf, collect the money, and ensure the money gets to you.
  • You will select which gift cards you want to include in your raffle from a list we will provide to you.
  • We will recruit 25 bookies from your list.
  • We will coach them on how to sell the tickets, collect money, and track who purchased which ticket.
  • We will send the bookies everything they need to succeed.
  • We will run the raffle on an agreed time and date and contact you and the bookie to inform the winner.
  • We will purchase the gift cards.
  • We will then ensure the winner receives the gift cards they won.